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"The Earth’s natural medicine healed me: A glimpse at my first book, my story and my adventures".

Healing is a choice, it takes decision, effort, perseverance, and when the typical options don’t work, your willingness to explore our earth’s natural medicines can prove to be transformational. It is no secret, that I love this path, this purpose, helping those who are ready to shed the pain, illness or hurt.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your story. In the coming month, I’m so very excited to share that I will be releasing my first book ✍🏻 📕. Its been like birthing a new child, in a sense. I have butterflies just thinking about sharing it with you! Its purpose is to offer insightful self help information and tips so that you gain new tools. I’ll be sharing more on my book signing in Coral Gables, Florida in March very soon! I would love for you to join me that day!

I’m also going to be doing more teaching this year so if you would like to learn kinesiology, lose weight, treat with magnets, heal your emotions , or help others in these areas, stay tuned for more details or visit my event page!

If you have already learned Biomagnetism I invite you to sign up for my monthly Biomagnetism Coaching Program so you can fine tune your skills and become an expert!

And if you joined me in Costa Rica or wanted to but couldn’t, I’ve got more exciting plans! Want to join me this summer in Mexico to learn Ancestral Medicine? Because my love for nature parallels my love for healing, join me in the Carolina’s ⛰️during the beautiful fall 🍁🍂colors to tune into nature for an incredible soul healing retreat. Start planning now as these will be unforgettable experiences. 🙌🏻

I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to join you on your healing journey to transform your health and your life 🥰 Your choice to do the work to heal is what motivates me everyday 🤗

Blessings now and always ✨✨✨


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