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Gaya Stepanian

Before age 5, Gaya’s dad inspired the notion that somehow, she could make a difference in someone’s life. She was moved by the incredible devotion of her mom with her patients and by her grandma’s unwavering faith that gave hope to others during their hardships.

Studying psychology was a natural progression, but she soon realized that at that time she would rather focus her efforts on prevention of people experiencing trauma and challenges than intervention.

Gaya pursued a Master’s in psychology and education graduating from Pepperdine University and completed doctoral coursework in international and intercultural education with the intent to develop a humanitarian organization one day.

She received public health training at Johns Hopkins and leadership training at the University of Miami. Her career journey led her to create innovative best model programs to reduce public health risks and help break cycles of poverty, teen pregnancy and violence.

Raised millions of dollars to support local humanitarian efforts

While these programs received international recognition, nothing compared to hearing from people 15-20 years down the road who expressed how the work inspired or influenced their life.   During the nine years managing a division at the largest health system in South Florida, she trained and influenced doctors, medical students, community leaders, therapists, the media, law enforcement, and foundations presenting in the US and abroad.

In Washington meeting with senators and congressmen to gain support for education and health issues


As CEO of a state-wide non-profit organization, she met with congressmen on Capitol Hill and Fortune 500 executives to advocate on issues of health and education.

She’s became a leading expert in injury prevention, curriculum development and fundraiser generating millions to support local humanitarian efforts. During her years in public health and working with government she observed at close hand the pros and cons of Western Medicine.

During her time in public health and working with the government, she looked closely at the pros and cons of Western medicine.

In 2010, Gaya is introduced to different fields of alternative and ancient medicine. She first learns about the groundbreaking work of Biomagnetism from her sister and how a family member’s Lupus was cured with this method even though Lupus is considered “incurable” by Western Medicine’s standards. As she became immersed in Biomagnetism, she witnessed how her family, friends, colleagues and pets suffering from cancer, lupus, arthritis, asthma, infertility, digestive issues, kidney failure, depression, anxiety, back pain, migraines, insomnia, quickly saw results.

Learns about the groundbreaking work of Biomagnetism

Her own scoliosis was corrected and her tendonitis disappeared. She became an avid student of the Biomagnetic Pair, also known as Medical Biomagnetism, under its founder, Dr. Issac Goiz Duran (Mexico), and furthered her studies with internationally renowned professors. 

A researcher by nature with her training in mental health, she pushed the boundaries of her studies in biomagnetism towards a holistic approach in order to effectively address the emotional, mental and energy aspects that influence health, beyond the physical aspects. 

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Founder of the International Association of Alternative Medicine 

She observed the peculiar behavior and intelligence of germs within the body and how these respond to magnets leading her to a new application of Biomagnetism. Her observations were later supported by the investigation of a Biomagnetic colleague from Mexico who offered the scientific visible evidence of her own observations and applications.  Gaya became the founder of The New Era of Biomagnetism, an integrative approach towards the field that combines, the interaction between pathogens, toxins, dysfunctions, emotions, the mind, germ behavior, and energy.

"The Magnet Lady"

Since 2010, Gaya also trained in the foundations of Chinese Medicine, Quantum Regression Analysis, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Holistic Yoga, the use of Crystals, Light Frequencies, Theta Healing, the Reconnection, Hypnosis and Regression, and Quantum Clearing.

Called "The Magnet Lady" by her clients, Gaya embraced the name for her alternative medicine practice. The Magnet Lady helps individuals shed the physical, emotional, mental and energetic obstacles to become the best version of themselves and live their life’s purpose through individual session work, trainings and coaching.

One day alternative and ancient medicine will be accessible to all to become their medicine of choice.

She holds a vision that one day alternative & ancient medicine practices will be accessible to all and a medicine of choice. Gaya believes in building the capacity of others to make informed decisions and to develop themselves as practitioners when called for it.

Through her Biomagnetism Coaching program she is preparing practitioners to develop their knowledge, skills and practice to become experts in the field. 

President of IAAAM

Since 2019 Gaya serves as President and Co-Founder of the International Association of Alternative & Ancient Medicine, IAAAM. making a 30 year vision into reality. To learn more about IAAAM visit

Gaya is the proud mother of three extraordinary young adults, loves nature, hiking, painting, dancing, and writing. She has a practice in Coconut Grove Florida, North & South Carolina and works remotely serving clients and teaching students across five continents.  

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