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Connect with the Wisdom of your Soul.

During the Heal Your Soul Retreat participants learned how to communicate with their inner wisdom to obtain valuable information. They learned to muscle test to explore deep emotional wounds and mental patterns, as well as identify ancestral and unresolved emotions from other timelines .

With a breathtaking backdrop of the rainforest, visiting monkeys and hummingbirds transformed the entire experience into something magical!

The entire experience was unforgettable! We all left renewed, recharged, awakened and with new lifetime connections.

When you learn to muscle test, you get to connect and capture the wisdom of your soul. It’s a language that allows you to tap into hidden unresolved matters you may be carrying with you over times in the deep unconscious. You learn to observe this language through slight muscle movements, that allow you to detect the areas that need help or healing. Through the application of magnets you can flush out and reset your physical and emotional body to transform your health and your life.

Join me in the coming months to learn how to connect with your intuition through Kinesiology. And if you would like to learn to apply magnets for weight loss or to heal the body, stay tuned for upcoming classes. Using magnets can help you heal. They far exceed the benefits of any short term diet and by using kinesiology you can learn what foods, supplements and forms of exercise are best suited for you!

You have the capacity to transform your life! I’m happy to show you how to use these innate tools to make life so much easier and healthy!


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