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When the "impossible" becomes possible

Years ago, in conversation with a close family member, she informed me that a dear loved one abroad no longer had Lupus after undergoing Biomagnetism therapy. Of course, I reacted the only "sane" way a person could and said: "Are you crazy??!! Lupus is incurable!" I distinctly remember rolling my eyes when I said that. Little would I imagine that I would repeat this story countless times realizing how wrong I was. My family member had suffered from Lupus for over 15 years, but was released from her doctors care as she no longer had this "incurable" disease. As if that wasn't remarkable enough, the family member who introduced me to Biomagnetism had undergone two treatments and no longer had arthritis.


At the time, I had a debilitating tendonitis and hadn't had a good night's rest for over a year due to the pain. So I jumped on the band wagon and sought out a practitioner near me. Two sessions later, the tendonitis was gone! I could sleep again and had no pain. As the months passed, I noticed that I could tolerate dairy  again. My lactose intolerance was gone, too! Since then, Biomagnetism has been my go to for maintaining optimal health. 

Take your health back today

Do you interested in knowing  how biomagnetism works? The Biomagnetism therapy begins with the practitioner detecting the imbalances or congestion in organs, glands, and bones due to germs, toxins, dysfunctions, or emotions. The session consists of placing mid-sized magnets in very specific points on the body using specific polarities to change the biological environment or pH.  Just as we can't survive on the moon, neither can pathogens survive an optimal  pH. It's that simple.  The negative polarity of a magnet reduces inflammation, oxygenates, increases alkalinity. The positive side of a magnet expands, strengthens or increases acidity. Which magnet polarity is used is part of the discovery process that allows the body to release or heal germs, toxicities, masses, imbalances, emotions, thought patterns, or behaviors. When the pH is recovered to its optimal state, the individual has the opportunity to heal, recover and enjoy life again or even better than ever before.  Find out for yourself the incredible benefits of Biomagnetism. 

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