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Unveiling the Truth: Why Western Medicine Isn't Always the Answer

For many years, I believed that the medicine that we all know was the only path for my healthcare, that it offered the credible answers, and that it was the only thing that I could really rely upon to get better.

But in time, I became frustrated with the lack of clear answers and with the treatment options that often came with many risks. Through my own life journey, little by little, time and time again, I kept bumping into the Earth’s natural medicines that offered quick, simple recovery and clear answers.

Marveled by rapid healing and a wealth of incite on my health and healing, in time, I left my 25-year career to embark on the incredible opportunity to offer the Earth’s natural medicines to others, because I know I’m not alone in my frustration. I realized that far too many of us have been trapped by a system that doesn't offer a reliable safe way out of conditions that can be healed despite what we've been told.

I've come to understand that nothing is incurable. Nothing. It's unfortunate that too many still believe that Western medicine offers trusted answers. This is simply just not true. In my book "Beyond the White Coat: A Return to Earth’s Medicine", you have an opportunity to take a glimpse into how you can obtain answers, and a path to fully recovering your health. I invite you to take a peek into the book available on Amazon in both Kindle and paper formats.

Let me know what you think and if you find the book’s contents beneficial, please share. Far too many in our world need healing. Visit the link in my bio to find the book and follow my author’s page on Amazon at

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Thank you!


The Magnet Lady


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