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5 Reasons to Learn Biomagnetism

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Get certified NOW! 5 Reasons to Learn Biomagnetism.

1.- Introduction to the Certification.

Many clients ask me if it’s possible to recover from conditions that are widely misunderstood and complex like Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Lupus, Lyme, Cancer, HIV, and so many other so called “incurable” conditions or “immune disorders”. People ask If we can recover our kidneys despite undergoing dialysis, regenerate a healthy liver despite cirrosis, or become fertile despite years of infertility. Experience and thousands of testimonials prove that everything, YES EVERY part of our body, can heal and recover.

About seven years ago I did a session for a colleague’s son who was suffering from asthma for years. She explained how she had to use a nebulizer with him every night and would take him to the emergency room because of insufficient oxygenation to his lungs. In just a single Biomagnetism session mom was shocked by the remarkable results! Since that session her son has not had to visit the ER due to asthma and he hasn’t required an inhaler!

Like this testimony, there are countless others thanks to the incredible work of Biomagnetism. Not to forget the healing of my own scoliosis. At age 17, I had a severe horseback riding fall insuring my hip and back My back was a sideways “S”, but thanks to this work is now straight! At age 39 I experienced a pretty painful tendinitis of the elbow that kept me up at night for over a year, yet the pain disappeared in only a few sessions!

Get certified NOW! 5 Reasons to Learn Biomagnetism 1.- Introduction to the Certification
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