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Thyroid Pills No More

It's a commonly held belief that once you start thyroid medication, you are on them for life. But what if this simply we're not true?

Thyroid dysfunction is becoming increasingly common, but why? Why are more and more people being diagnosed with this sort of glandular issue? In order to understand the road to recovery, - yes, it is completely possible -, we must first understand it's root causes.

For starters, it's important to note that in most cases, a dysfunction of the thyroid is triggered by an unbalanced ecosystem, often within the pancreas. Because the thyroid is part of a system of glands (pancreas, spleen, thymus, pineal, pituitary, etc.) it can be influenced or affected by anything going on in the other parts of the system.

Our glands are very sensitive to chemicals and heavy metals. The amount of exposure to chemicals and heavy metals have skyrocketed via drinking from plastic bottles, hair dyes, prescription medications, beauty products, "vegan" proteins shakes and creatine, chemotherapy and radiation, and YES, v@xines.

In fact, endocrinologists are observing an unprecedented spike in number of thyroid disorders among recently v@Xinated individuals. These are not coincidences. Children today are taking three times the amount, I did when I was young, yet children are getting sicker, more emotional and behavioral disorders, and more thyroid dysfunction at an earlier age. It's time to take off the rose-colored glasses and question what is different.

While metals and chemicals play a significant role in the development of thyroid disorders, they are not the only culprits. In the Western world, it is a wonder there are no routine parasite diagnostic tests conducted given that over 98% of the general population has these little bugs hiding within the body. They can even create little nests within the thyroid. Many of my clients with thyroid dysfunction often report a sensation of something being lodged in their throat when they swallow or feel something move. They're not imagining this. There seems to be the impression that one has to visit a third world country in order to be exposed to parasites. This is furthest from the truth. Anyone who has ever been bitten by an insect, like a mosquito, tick or spider, can have parasites. They lay larvae and then those guys grow into bugs within our body.

Even more interesting is the fact that parasites feed off of bacteria. Those who take pre and probiotics for gut health can be feeding parasites without knowing it. Safer to take a good source of enzymes instead. In fact, enzymes will help balance the pancreas which in turn has a positive domino effect on the function of the thyroid among other health benefits.

As if all this isn't enough to blow your mind, yet ideally shed some light and give you hope, it's equally important to heal your voice so you can speak your truth with kindness because holding in your ideas, your preferences and your pain inside can lead to thyroid dysfunction too! The thyroid is located within the communication area of the body. So, ask yourself, do you hold things in? Do you say them with confidence, or do they sometimes come out in an explosive way? Are there experiences you have had, painful ones, that you have locked away inside? It's important to find a way to communicate your hurts, your ideas and your thoughts in the moment with kindness and heal past experiences that caused pain.

If you or someone you know is having issues with their thyroid, there is hope, there is help, and not of just the band aid kind of help, to clear, repair and heal the thyroid for good. And if you have questions, just send me a message.


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