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Boosting Energy & Motivation

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Through the revolutionary work of Biomagnetism, people are beginning to understand how germs and chemicals, over time, create conditions and diminish our energy and drive. But how can we turn back the effects of these on our body and how exactly can we recover our energy, our motivation, or our pizzaz?

There are many simple steps we can take to recover our energy and motivation. Start by reducing red meat and pork in your diet, avoid diet sodas, limit low fat, nonfat or skim foods, reduce the amount of sugar you put in your body and begin drinking 3-5 glasses of lemon water a day. Lemon water boosts alkalinity and it helps clean the filters of our body. Our liver and kidneys are filters, and just like the filter of the air conditioner, these filters need to be cleaned, if not, they don't filter toxins from our blood, slowing us down, making us feel older, aching our body, leading to headaches, anxiety and poor sleep. When these organs are clean, we have much more energy. Lemon water also helps us lose weight.

Another way to boost your energy and motivation is to spend more time outdoors, walk barefoot on the grass or on the sand. This helps clear the mind, recharge our energy and get us focused again.

I also recommend drinking highly absorbable nutrients with adaptogens. Some of my personal favorites include Solle Vital and Solle Excell from Another of my favorites is golden milk from Goldyn Glow. These high-quality natural nutrients and spices help clean the liver of toxins and regulate our body, introducing a boost of incredible nutrition that converts into energy.

These steps are sure to help. And if you want to absolutely transform your health, try Biomagnetism. This alternative medicine technique identifies what organs are affected, cleans them, gives them a new lease on life, and is one of the best anti-aging ways to feel great again. Take it from me, despite my age, I feel 17 again with the help of lemon water, great nutrients, being in nature and Biomagnetism.

Remember to treat your body well. You have the absolute right to feel incredibly energized and motivated each day, so seize the moment, make a few changes and you and your body will love you for it!


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