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Understand the language of symptoms and disease

At The Magnet Lady Biomagnetism unlocks

vital information to get your health

Using your body's internal wisdom, The Magnet Lady identifies the holistic treatment(s) that are ideal for you. Methods like Biomagnetism, also known as the Biomagnetic Pair or Medical Biomagnetism can tap into key information from your body in order to recover your health, and get your body back into balance to prevent or recover from life threatening conditions. When we get sick or experience pain, that is a signal our body is sending us to let us know there is something more profound we need to work on. Lets say, hypothetically speaking, you experience pain in your knee. Your specialist is recommending surgery and you decide to go through with it. You've now treated the symptom, but what caused the knee to deteriorate or become prone to injury or pain in the first place? You probably tell yourself you moved a certain way or it's age or something else that justifies your knee condition. But, what happens when years later, that same knee or the other one starts to experience pain or deterioration? You see, something beyond what appears obvious is usually causing the condition -it's usually not the knee. Our knees literally host our fears. So ask yourself what has your worried. When we  interpret our body's signs and symptoms and find the root causes of our pain from the onset we resolve the pain and so much more. We could avoid years of agony, stress, missed work days or fun time, and money by avoiding surgery, physical therapy and pain killers. The beauty of it all is that there is a simple way to interpret the body. The Magnet Lady will match the right method to bring you back to health, whether it's through Biomagnetism, Reiki, Subtle Energy, Emotional Decoding, Herbs, Hypnosis or Regression techniques, we will help you recover your health quicker than imaginable. 

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