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Sat, Dec 04



The New Era Biomagnetism Certification.

This 32-hour Certification Training will be held online on Dec 4,5, 11 and 12. The training also includes a practice session one month post class completion. This training can be applied for self-healing, helping family, friends and mascots as well as to be applied professionally.

The New Era Biomagnetism Certification.
The New Era Biomagnetism Certification.

Time & Location

Dec 04, 2021, 10:00 AM EST – Dec 12, 2021, 6:00 PM EST


About the event

Did you know that everything is curable? It’s true. I learned this years ago through a powerful treatment method called Biomagnetism in which I’ve seen countless "incurable", "terminal", "chronic" and "genetic" conditions disappear.

I know. Sounds impossible.  I too, thought so but time and time again and case after case have proven to me that everything is possible.

When I discovered the benefits of Biomagnetism, I studied it and in time adjusted and fine tuned the method into what is known today as the New Era of Biomagnetism with which we can:

- Cure the incurable

- Eliminate toxins & pathogens

- Heal our DNA

- Heal trauma

- Heal injuries

- Uplift emotions 

- Transform lives

- Change behavior

- Recover health quickly

And all this is achieved 

✅ Without surgery

✅ Without medication

✅ Without invasive treatments

👉 I would love to share this valuable knowledge with you. 

I invite you to register for this 32-hour online live training. Dates (Dec 4,5, 11 and 12 from 10am to 6pm EST).  The training will be recorded for students to review.  In order to receive certification, students must be present online with an active camera during all practicums. 

Investment: $ 498 USD

Reserve your spot with a $100 deposit 

You can reserve your spot with a $100 deposit.


This 32-hour certification offers step-by-step training using the most advanced techniques in Biomagnetism & Magnetism Certified by the International Association of Alternative & Ancient Medicine. And while this course is a live virtual training, it will be filled with hands on practice so by day two you are already seeing the results of this work.

The New Era of Biomagnetism Certification is for anyone and will provide you with the information and skills you need to begin practicing immediately. Whether you want to launch a new practice or strengthen your current one by offering Biomagnetism or if you simply want to help yourself and your loved ones recover from chronic or acute health conditions, this training course is an ideal step towards health and wellness independence and success. The New Era of Biomagnetism shifts the "impossible" to possible.

Through this training you will:

*Learn to connect with the body’s internal wisdom using various kinesthetic response methods to help answer questions about an individual's health.

*Learn about the uses and different types of therapeutic grade magnets, as well as their application on the body.

*Learn how magnets interact with the body to alter biochemistry.

*Learn to uncover the root causes of disease or conditions.

*Identify imbalances in the body and balance it with negative and positive therapeutic grade magnets.

*Learn how to clear, balance and strengthen organs, glands, and other tissues of the body.

*Learn about the various systems in the body (digestive, lymphatic, respiratory, etc) and how they affect and interact with eachother.

*Learn about viruses, parasites, bacteria and fungi and where they hide within the body, their behavior and how they interact with one another.

*Learn about complex conditions such as asthma, arthritis, cancer, HIV, diabetes, fibromyalgia, heart disease, and weight issues.

*Learn how to work with acute upper respiratory conditions of 2020-2021.

*Help clients, family and yourself achieve freedom from chronic and persistent health conditions which have been resistant to other treatment methods.

*Learn how to set up your practice, talk to clients, integrate with your existing practice, insurance and legal issues.

*Begin or grow your alternative medicine practice through a meaningful and life changing technique that helps humanity heal and grow.

What you will need for this training: a computer with a camera and an open mind.  Because this is a certification, all practices must be with an active camera.  You will also need therapeutic grade magnets which are available at our store here in 

This is a paid online live certification training. Register at

Have questions? Leave me a comment. I’m here to support.


  • Regular Admission

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  • Deposit - Reserve your spot

    Reserve your spot with an initial $100 deposit. Entire training must be paid in full prior to class commencement in order to receive entry code.

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