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Years ago, in conversation with a close family member, she informed me that a dear loved one abroad no longer had Lupus afer undergoing Biomagnetism, also known as the Biomagnetic Pair. Of course I reacted the only "sane" way a person could and said: "Are you crazy??!! Lupus is incurable!" I distinctly remember rolling my eyes when I said that. Little would I imagine that I would repeat this story countless times realizing how wrong I was. My family member had suffered from Lupus for over 15 years, but was released from her doctors care as she no longer had this "incurable" disease. As if that wasn't remarkable enough, the family member who introduced me to Biomagnetism had undergone two treatments and no longer had arthritis.


At the time, I had a debilitating tendonitis and hadn't had a good night's rest for over a year due to the pain. So I jumped on the band wagon and sought out a practitioner near me. Two sessions later, the tendonitis was gone! I could sleep again as the pain was gone. As the months passed, I noticed that I could tolerate dairy  again. My lactose intolerance was gone, too! Since then, Biomagnetism has been my go to for maintaining optimal health. 

Take Your health back

The Biomagnetic session begins with the practitioner detecting the imbalances or congestion in any organs, glands, and bones due to germs, toxins, dysfunctions, or emotions. The  session consists of placing mid sized magnets in very specific points in the body using very specific polarities to level the pH. Just like we can't survive on the moon, neither can germs survive in a neutral pH. It's that simple.  The negative pole of the magnet reduces inflammation, oxygenates, increases alkalinity. The positive side of a magnet expands or increases acidity. Which magnet polarity is used is part of the discovery process that allows the body to release or heal germs, toxicities, masses, imbalances, emotions, thought patterns or behaviors. When the pH is recovered to its neutral state, the individual has the opportunity to heal, recover and enjoy life again or even better than ever before.  We invite you to find your zen in life. 

history of biomagnetism

The recorded history of the use of magnets as a tool used for health and mental health recovery dates back thousands of years.  Magnetic stones were used by ancient cultures in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Aristotle, Plato, Cleopatra & Queen Elizabeth all knew about the benefits of magnets on health, mental health and for anti-aging. Numerous studies support the benefits of magnets giving rise to various magnetic products and alternative medicine practices.

The term Biomagnetism was coined in the mid 1900's by Dr. Roy Davis, a University of Florida professor, referring to the study of magnetic properties on human biology. His student, Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer, Medical Director of NASA  during the 1980's observed that when astronauts returned to earth after leaving the earth's magnetic field or gravitational force one of their legs was shorter than the other.  Using magnets, he was able to correct this musculoskeletal imbalance and evened out their legs. His conclusions were consistent with those of Dr. Kyoichi Nakagawa who demonstrated that the a reduction in the exposure to the earth's magnetic field has a direct negative effect on health and mental health, coining the term Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome. Dr. Broeringmeyer concluded that when astronauts left the earth's magnetic field, their body's pH was altered causing a shorter leg, immune deficiencies and osteoporosis among other health conditions. Through this investigation he discovered 160 points in the body related to imbalances in pH that in turn were tied to specific health conditions. He also discovered that with specific application of medium intensity therapeutic grade magnets, imbalances improved which in turn improved health. Dr. Broeringmeyer presented before many physicians throughout the world on this phenomena. A few years before his sudden death in 1993, he presented to a group of doctors in Mexico. Among those attending, was Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran, a Mexican Obstetrician who further explored Dr. Broeringmeyer's work and advanced the field of study despite many threats from authorities. Dr. Goiz discovered that when using both polarities on different parts of the body, a magnetic field is created that neutralizes the root causes of disease and unease. He treated tens of thousands of patients throughout the world with the application of therapeutic grade magnets. The results have been  astounding. Today, Dr. Goiz is widely known as founder of Medical  Biomagnetism or the Biomagnetic Pair and has trained thousands of practitioners worldwide.  The Magnet Lady has trained under the leading authorities in the field including Dr. Goiz Duran, Dr. Jorge Tapia Marquez, Humberto Ybanez and others and has expanded on their work. 

Today, this field of study continues to grow. The Magnet Lady identifies and records imbalances in pH caused by germs (virus, bacteria, parasites & yeast), as well as symptoms, emotions, behaviors, toxicities, imbalances or dysfunctions. The practice identifies and balances chromosomes back to a healthy normal state. The practice can be used to align the spine and regenerate bones, ligaments and other tissues. Clients recover much more quickly from injuries with the application of this method. The premise is that any illness, injury, dysfunction or disease is a combination of  germs, intoxications and unresolved emotions. When you clear the body of the root causes of disease or a condition and return the body to a balanced pH, the body can heal itself and the diseases disappear. Truly remarkable! Results speak for themselves.

The field of Bioenergetics involves the use of quantum physics in which the practitioner can connect with individuals through time and space and help at a distance, a sort of quantum field or telepathic field is created between the practitioner and the individual allowing the individual to reap the benefits of a session without being present.  This method when used in distance sessions (practitioner in one part of the world and the individual  in another) is known as  Telebioenergetics.   For more information or to book a session, visit our Book Online page.