Biomagnetic therapy captures the body's responses that provide detailed information about where the root causes (germs, hormonal or neurologiical imbances, toxins,  toxic emotions or thoughts, and behaviors are stored in the body.  Once specific locations are detected, the therapist uses negative and positive polarities of magnets to bring the pH to neutral.  Germs and other culprits can's survive in a neutral pH, just like we can't survive on the moon. By bringing the pH to neutral, the root causes are flushed out of the body naturally and the body heals itself.  Recovery is often instantaneous or seen in a short period of time. This sessions is sepcifically for children age 14 years and under.  This session is 45-60 minutes.


Biomagnetic Therapy for Children

  • Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance of the scheudled session in order to recieve a full refund. 

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