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How Are you  nurturing your body?

Health depends on many factors: our contact with germs over time, toxins, emotions, our mind, environment, activity and of course, nutrition.  Nutrition plays a vital role to optimize health.  With ever increasing toxins, preservatives, genetically modified foods, and a reduction in minerals in our soil, food has much less nutritional value than it did 50 years ago.  This is where high grade minerals, vitamins, amnio acids, probiotics, adaptogenic herbs, and other supplements play a role.  Question is, which ones are absorbable, will actually able to do what the label says and which ones benefit you right now?

No two human bodies are the same.  Each has been exposed to different conditions, toxins, germs and each has organs or general areas of weakness and strength.  Each has a different capacity to absorb nutrients differently. Each body has different deficiencies. Because of this, The Magnet Lady uses kinesiology to identify the nutritional supplements and foods that  benefit your unique body.

Adaptogenic are one of nature's gifts in obtaining and maintaining optimal health. Adaptogens help the body "adapt" to stress and return to normal. Adaptogens have been widely researched and are known to boost stamina, strengthen immunity, balance glandular functions, and to improve mood.   When used in combination with other adaptogens and superfoods these  herbs offer impressive results.  Clients at The Magnet Lady  report improved energy levels, focus, productivity, mood, sleep, weight loss, blood pressure, thyroid function and more. Headache and migraine sufferers report reduction or elimination of pain. Parkinson sufferers  experience little to no shaking.  It is no wonder why scientists have been studying there effects for years.  At The Magnet Lady we recognize that it's all about quality nutrients, the right combination and using a balanced approach.


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