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Sat, Apr 24



Applied Biomagnetism Certification

32-hour step-by-step training on Applied Biomagnetism based on latest research & proven effectiveness in recovering physical & emotional health, Learn live online with access to recordings. Payment plan available. Dates: April 24,25, May 1 & 2, 2021

Applied Biomagnetism Certification
Applied Biomagnetism Certification

Time & Location

Apr 24, 2021, 10:00 AM – May 02, 2021, 5:00 PM


About the event

This Applied Biomagnetism Certificiation is for anyone. 

Whether you want to launch a new practice or strengthen your current practice by offering Biomagnetism or  if you simply want to help yourself and your loved ones recover from chronic or acute health conditions, this training course is an ideal step towards health and wellness independence and success.  Whether you have experience in complementary medicine or if you simply have an interest, Applied Biomagnetism will forever alter your view of the body and health.  Applied Biomagnetism shifts the "impossible" to possible.  The Certifiication is supported by the International Association of Alternative & Ancient Medicine. 

Through this training you will:

  • Learn to connect with the body using various kinesthetic response methods to help answer questions about an individual's health. 
  • Learn about the uses and different types of therapeutic grade magnets, as well as their application on the body. 
  • Learn how magnets interact with the body to alter biochemistry.  
  • Learn to uncover the root causes of disease or conditions. 
  • Identify imbalances in the body and balance it with negative and positive therapeutic grade magnets.
  • Learn how to clear, balance and strengthen organs, glands, and other tissues of the body.
  • Learn about the various systems in the body (digestive, lymphatic, respiratory, etc) and how they affect and interact with eachother. 
  • Learn about the history and evolution of Biomagnetism. 
  • Learn about viruses, parasites, bacteria and fungi and where they hide within the body and how they interact with one another. 
  • Learn about complex conditions such as asthma, arthritis, cancer, HIV, diabetes, fibromyalgia, heart disease.
  • Learn how to work with acute conditions such as COVID-19. influenza, colds, digestive issues, etc.
  • Help your clients, your family and yourself achieve freedom from chronic and persistent health conditions which have been resistent to other treatment methods.
  • Learn how to set up your practice, talk to clients, integrate with your existing practice, insurance and legal issues.
  • Begin or grow your alternative medicine practice through a meaningful and life changing technique that helps humanity heal and grow. 

Students will be expected to have an open mind, be willing to participate in biomagnetic sessions, have a volunteer available with whom to do virtual practicums, be visible on camer (virtual students) during practicums, and provide any feedback to fellow students with kindness and compassion. 

Completion Criteria

  • Visibly participate in all practicums. 
  • Demonstrate understanding of Applied Biomagnetism principles.
  • Provide feedback to fellow students with compassion. 

The course will be taught over four 8-hour days.  Students are able to participate online or in person from Miami. All students will receive a list of points and access to online material for three months.  Applicable material will be downloadable for students to use in their practice.  Students will have support once course is completed from Instructor to answer questions, participate in free webinars for students, and obtain information about other trainings.  The live portion of the virtual training will be via GoToMeetMe.  Course material will be accessed via the virtual school. 

Questions can be directed to:


  • Applied Biomagnetism (Virtual)

    32-hour Certification via virtual live online platform.

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