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New Era of Biomagnetism Certification

When Biomagnetism enters your life, you discover that what was once impossible becomes possible.

New Era of Biomagnetism Certification
New Era of Biomagnetism Certification

Time & Location

29 sep 2023, 10:00 a.m. – 02 oct 2023, 5:00 p.m.

Miami, Miami, FL, USA

About the event

Biomagnetism is a holistic therapy that uses therapeutic magnets to eliminate the causes of disease and conditions, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and toxins and blocked energetic points.

When Biomagnetism enters your life, you discover that what was once impossible becomes possible. Healing comes quickly and easily. You begin to understand your body and uncover the root causes of conditions. You become empowered by a potent tool that works from the very root of the issue.

Learn the new era of biomagnetism by registering for my next Certification online and in-person, which will start on august 29 and enjoy the benefits that this incredible tool offers us in:

.- Health: with the use of therapeutic magnets, up to 99% of conditions and diseases can be treated, with proven excellent results, as pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi are neutralized and eliminated.

.- In its application: It is a non-invasive therapy, very easy to apply and can treat all kinds of conditions or diseases, whether physical or emotional. 

What topics does the New Era of Biomagnetism Certification include❓ ☑️ Learn to understand and treat the human body from a physical, mental, emotional and energetic paradigm.  ☑️ History of Biomagnetism, understanding magnets, polarities and magnetism.  ☑️ Dynamics between organs and glands and body systems.  ☑️ Fundamentals of Biomagnetism, Bioenergy and the New Era of Biomagnetism.  ☑️ Connecting with our inner wisdom | higher self.  ☑️ Creating a clean connection. 

☑️ Energetic protection and space clearing.  ☑️ Points of application.  ☑️ Pathogens and toxins.  ☑️ Kinesiology.  ☑️ Self-scanning and application for healing.  ☑️ Remote treatments and telepathy.  ☑️ Clearing emotions and behavior .  ☑️ Complex conditions such as cancer, lupus, fibromyalgia, immune disorders, arthritis, weight etc.  ☑️ Preparing for the consultation . 

☑️ Refining the practitioner's skills.

It can be applied in person or remotely, for self-healing, healing family members and clients, children, pets and farm animals.

Give yourself the opportunity to heal and heal others in a simple way, and learn it to practice professionally.

- English 

- Dates: Sept 29-30 / October 1-2

- Times: 10:00 am a 5:00 pm.

- Live in person rate: $888.00.  BONUS: Receive a pair of magnets and printed material.

- Online Certification rate: $498.



Are you a Graduate of the New Era of Biomagnetism online trainings? 

- Special rate if you’ld like to repeat the course in person:  $444.

- Repeat Online rate: $100.


  • Ticket in person

    BONUS: Receive a pair of magnets and printed material

    USD 888.00
    Venta finalizada
  • Final payment

    Received in person. Until September 25

    USD 288.00
    Venta finalizada
  • BONUS special in person rate

    For Graduates of New Era of Biomagnetism online trainings:

    USD 444.00
    Venta finalizada
  • Online General Admission

    USD 498.00
    Venta finalizada
  • Reservation Ticket in person

    Until August 25

    USD 300.00
    Venta finalizada
  • Online ticket Reservation

    Until August 25

    USD 150.00
    Venta finalizada
  • Second Online Payment

    Received OnLine

    USD 200.00
    Venta finalizada
  • Final Payment

    For Online Reservation

    USD 148.00
    Venta finalizada
  • Second payment received

    Received in person

    USD 300.00
    Venta finalizada
  • BONUS Repeat Training

    Repeat Training Online Rate

    USD 100.00
    Venta finalizada


USD 0.00

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