Emotional Decoding


uncover the relationship between  symptoms & disease


Following the work of Christian Fleche, Enric Corbera, Dr. Bradley Nelson and Jorge Tapia, Find Your Zen In Life offers 'a simple way to understanding the emotions and life events that leave a footprint on who we are and how we feel emotionally and physically. Combining the Biomagnetic technique, the therapist can quickly uncover the root events and timeframes that leave an imprint on our life, our outlook, behaviors, relationship patterns, and self-image that lead to conditions, symptoms or even complex diseases. These events leave hidden emotions that are held in our unconscious. Often, repeated patterns are passed on from great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents even if we never had the opportunity to meet them. 


At The Magnet Lady, the Emotional Decoding process often begins with exploring any physical toxicities or germs, as well as balancing emotions before uncovering trapped emotions that lie in our unconscious.  This way, the individual's mind and body enters a healthier state in preparation to work on more significant life experiences that are often locked away.  The process results in a renewed way of feeling, relating and living. 


our Liver

One of the most common issues affecting people today lies within the liver. Among its many purposes is to act as a filter to keep unhealthy fats, pesticides, medications, alcohol, heavy metals and other toxins from entering our bloodstream. But in time, if we don't clean it, the liver becomes congested. A congested liver can lead to a loss of vital energy,  reduced libido, moodiness, headaches, weight gain, body aches, a slow metabolism, a reduced immune system and various diseases.  Our emotions also take a toll on the liver.  Emotions like rage, anger, resentment, hate, and irritation affect our liver.   All of this concentrated congestion in the liver can quickly affect other vital organs in our digestive tract and beyond.  Most people in sessions report drinking lots of water and while water is highly recommended. most of the water we drink today is toxic. Bottled water, tap water and most filtered water  lacks the vital minerals it once contained and instead it contains levels of arsenic, fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals among other toxins that lead to poor health. One simple methods to clean water and change its pH from acidic to alkaline is lemon. A splash of fresh yellow organic lemon juice will quickly change the pH  of water and mineralize it. Lemon water is an excellent way of cleaning the liver, boosting metabolism as well as the immune system. Another quick method is to use a therapeutic grade magnet to alkalize your water. It's an inexpensive filter system that doesn't need replacing.   While the positive side of a magnet expands or increases acidity,  the negative side increases alkalinity.  So make sure to use the negative polarity or side of a magnet.  

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